LG Invites You to Its Online Electronics Courses, Completely Free!


LG Electronics, the renowned South Korean company that has excelled in the production and sale of consumer electronics worldwide, has announced a free training initiative aimed at both its customers and the general public.

The goal is to provide tools and knowledge about the installation and operation of their home appliances as well as topics related to electronics and devices from their product line.

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Headquartered in Seoul, LG Electronics has been recognized for its constant innovation and quality in products ranging from radios to smartphones and televisions.

Now, the company aims to share its expertise and knowledge by offering online courses, providing people with the opportunity to learn about electronics and optimize the use of their products.

For this noble task, LG has joined forces with Schoox, a collaborative talent development platform that allows companies to design personalized study plans with tracking, making the learning experience comprehensive and effective.


The courses offered by LG through Schoox focus on a variety of topics related to electronics and devices from their product line.

How to access the courses?

To access them, you only need to create an account on the Schoox platform and select the course of interest.

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While some courses may have a cost, many others are completely free, ensuring that anyone interested in learning about electronics can do so without financial barriers.

Whether you are an electronics enthusiast or simply want to make the most of LG’s products, this is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

Feel free to access the platform and explore a world of knowledge and possibilities alongside one of the industry-leading companies in electronics!


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