A prestigious university offers you a Free English Course


In an increasingly interconnected world, mastering English has become essential, offering countless opportunities both personally and professionally.

Learning this universal language is an investment in our growth and development, enabling us to communicate with people from all over the world, expand our perspectives, and access quality education.

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While the common belief suggests that language learning is more effective at a young age, recent studies challenge this myth. Learning a new language at any stage of life has been revealed as an enriching practice with numerous benefits for brain health.

Free English Course from UNAM

To tackle this challenge, the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) offers a completely free English course through its “Virtual Language Environment (AVI)” platform.

This online learning program, available throughout the year 2023, consists of 194 units that cover key skills such as reading, listening comprehension, writing, and English pronunciation.


The platform allows you to reinforce your knowledge and assess your current level through the “Practice and Evaluate” sections. Additionally, there is a “Learn and Certify” section aimed at UNAM students.

This valuable educational resource is open to anyone interested, regardless of their age or previous experience level in English.

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UNAM and its collaborators have made the possibility of learning this language affordable for everyone.

To enroll and begin this valuable learning journey, simply visit the “Virtual Language Environment (AVI)” platform through the following link:


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