Amazon introduces a free Blockchain course for beginners


Blockchain, a system where trust is established through mathematics and collaboration, has become highly significant in today’s world.

At its core, it is a distributed network that connects blocks of information, each linked to the previous and next one, forming an unalterable chain.

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This decentralized approach eliminates the need for intermediaries and centralized authorities, ensuring the security and accuracy of stored information, whether in the form of financial transactions, contracts, or any other type of data.

Introduction to Blockchain Course

Amazon has introduced an Introduction to Blockchain course.

This course is designed for individuals with varying levels of technical experience, from those who are entirely new to the technology to those seeking to solidify their prior knowledge.


The course focuses on the following essential aspects:

  • Fundamentals of Blockchain
  • Comparisons with Similar Technologies
  • Enterprise Applications of Blockchain
  • Real-World Examples
  • Challenges and Opportunities
  • Amazon Managed Blockchain

Spanning over an hour, this course offers a blend of interactive presentations and exercises that enable participants to better grasp the concepts.

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To access this valuable educational resource, simply visit Amazon’s training and certification platform. Locate the course titled “Introduction to Blockchain” and follow a few simple steps to enroll.

Once registered, you’ll be ready to embark on a journey of discovery that could unlock deeper understanding of this groundbreaking technology.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the world’s leading technological platforms.


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