Amazon presents a free course to learn how to enhance programming code


The world of programming opens up to those who possess the ability to write high-quality code. It’s more than mere lines of text; it’s the creation of efficient and elegant solutions that bring applications to life smoothly and swiftly.

Optimized code not only reduces execution time and resource consumption but also minimizes errors.

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However, beyond the technique, enhancing code is a journey towards clarity and excellence. Well-structured code benefits not only end users but also facilitates understanding and maintenance of the code itself.

Orderly lines and impeccable logic translate to a smoother and hassle-free development process. By honing your skills in this art, you will be paving a path towards programming excellence.

Free Amazon Course to Improve Your Code

If you’re ready to transform your programming approach and take a leap towards code optimization, here comes exciting news.

Amazon has launched a digital course designed for passionate Python developers: Enhance Your Python Code Using Amazon CodeGuru. This course is like a detailed map for navigating the world of code optimization accurately and effectively.


At the core of this course lies Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer, a machine learning-powered tool that acts as an expert advisor in enhancing code quality.

In this course, you will explore how to integrate CodeGuru Reviewer into various workflows, from change requests to integration into CI/CD pipelines. You will learn how to associate your repositories with this tool and generate intelligent recommendations.

The knowledge you will gain will encompass not only detecting issues such as concurrency defects, security issues, and resource leaks but also provide you with tips on coding best practices and optimal AWS strategies.

Developed by AWS experts, this course provides you with the opportunity to strengthen your skills and knowledge in the AWS universe, an essential skill in today’s technological landscape.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your programming ability and elevate your profile as a Python developer.


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