Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and More: Free Intel Courses to Explore Technology


Apart from being the world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductor chips, Intel is committed to sharing its knowledge with those interested in the exciting world of technology.

With over half a century of experience, Intel has been a cornerstone in the manufacturing of processors, chipsets, memories, and other essential products for a wide variety of computer applications, from thrilling video games to revolutionary artificial intelligence.

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In addition to its incredible products, Intel offers a series of free online courses for those who wish to delve into the exciting world of technology.

Among the variety of courses offered by Intel, there are highly interesting topics that cover the following fields:

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How do I access the courses?

To access Intel’s courses, students have two options to choose from based on their needs and objectives.


The first option is the “Free Course without Certification,” which grants full access to the course content and the possibility to complete it, but without obtaining a certificate endorsed by the platform.

On the other hand, the “Audit the Course” option provides access to video materials but does not allow taking exams or obtaining a completion certificate.

The opportunity to learn from a leading technology company like Intel is unique.

Take advantage of these free online courses to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of technology, develop new skills, and enhance your professional future.


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