Autodesk presents a free online course in mechanical engineering


Mechanical engineering, grounded in the application of scientific principles and ingenious use of materials, promotes the generation of pragmatic solutions for significant challenges.

Mechanical engineers not only conceive and develop products, but also ensure their safe and efficient operation, collaborating closely with other professionals to optimize manufacturing processes.

Mechanical Engineering Course by Autodesk

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This meticulously designed free course aims to provide participants with a deep immersion in the realm of product design and manufacturing, harnessing the power and versatility of Fusion 360 software.

It will introduce advanced tools for animation, rendering, and simulation, guiding them through the process of generating G code, essential for directing a CNC machine.

Throughout this training, students will become familiar with the use of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tools and learn to apply this knowledge in creating virtual prototypes, enabling them to refine their skills in design and manufacturing.


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How to Access the Course?

Accessing this valuable training is within everyone’s reach. The journey begins with a simple step: heading to the Coursera platform following the link at the end of this post.

Once there, participants will find the “Enroll for Free” button, which will open the doors to the fascinating universe of mechanical engineering.

With a simple click on this button, a popup window will appear, allowing the choice of the “Audit Course” option. Opting for this alternative will grant access to the complete course content at no cost.

Although a certificate of completion will not be issued, one can immerse themselves in enriching learning and absorb valuable knowledge without any financial restrictions.

This is the perfect opportunity to delve into the exciting world of product design and manufacturing.


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