Basic English: Here’s where you can learn it for Free and Online


Basic English is the most elementary level of the English language, which allows people to communicate simply and effectively in everyday situations.

Learning basic English has many benefits, such as expanding job, educational, and cultural opportunities, facilitating travel abroad, accessing more information and entertainment, and improving cognitive and memory skills.

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To achieve a fluent level in basic English, it is necessary to maintain consistency, motivation, and practice, as well as having suitable resources such as courses, books, apps, or teachers.

Memrise, the globally recognized online teaching platform, offers a free course in American English, designed for individuals of all levels with a focus on pronunciation, vocabulary, and expressions used in the United States.

The course content covers a wide variety of topics, from basic conversations to more complex opinions and descriptions.


No prior knowledge is required as the lessons are taught in Spanish with videos and audios in English, making it easier for Spanish speakers to learn.

Memrise provides a diverse range of learning tools, including videos and mnemonic cards, which help students learn effectively and enjoyably.

The most notable aspect is that the course is completely free, offering an unparalleled opportunity to improve communication skills in American English at no cost.

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To access the free Memrise course, you only need to follow the link provided at the end of this news article.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn American English with a globally recognized quality platform and start speaking like a native of the United States with this innovative free course from Memrise.


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