BBVA launches a free cybersecurity course for beginners!


Cybersecurity has become a fundamental aspect of safeguarding our digital assets, as more and more individuals, organizations, and services rely on digital technology in their daily lives, making them vulnerable to potential attacks, theft, or damage.

Aware of this growing need for education and protection, BBVA has developed an online course focusing on the main objectives of cyberattacks.

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BBVA’s cybersecurity course aims to provide the most relevant skills and knowledge in this field.

From the risks exposed in the digital environment to the importance of maintaining a strong personal defense, the course covers crucial topics to strengthen your online security.

Furthermore, it teaches organizations how to manage security crises and design secure processes to protect their computer systems and sensitive data.


Where is the course offered, and how can you access it for free?

BBVA’s cybersecurity course is available on the international platform Coursera, allowing broad and convenient access for all those interested in improving their digital security.

A notable feature is that the course is offered free of charge, making it a valuable opportunity for those who wish to expand their knowledge in cybersecurity at no cost.

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How do you access the course for free?

To access the course, participants can choose the option of “Audit the Course.” Although this option does not provide a certificate of completion endorsed by the platform, it does grant access to all the content and allows successful completion of the course.

Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your cybersecurity and protect your digital assets!

Don’t wait any longer, enroll today, and take control of your security in the digital world.


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