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Ethical hacking has established itself as an essential practice today, as it is responsible for assessing the robustness of cybersecurity and identifying potential vulnerabilities in systems, networks, and infrastructures.

By employing methods and techniques similar to those of malicious hackers, these professionals seek security loopholes in order to strengthen them rather than exploit them.

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Prior consent from the involved parties is essential to ensure that ethics prevail in this process.

In response to the growing demand for cybersecurity experts, an opportunity arises for those interested in delving into the world of ethical hacking.

Freecodecamp has launched the “Full Ethical Hacking Course – Network Penetration Testing for Beginners.” This course, designed for those who wish to explore ethical hacking from its fundamentals, stands out as a beacon of knowledge and skills in the vast ocean of cybersecurity.


From basics to advanced skills, the course guides students through a comprehensive educational journey, gradually opening the doors to the world of ethical hacking.

Students have the opportunity to explore system vulnerabilities, carry out controlled hacks, and ultimately learn how to strengthen defenses.

The course content is equally broad and comprehensive, covering crucial topics such as an introduction to Linux, Python programming, scanning tools and tactics, exploitation, security in active directory systems, and much more.

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This course is a golden opportunity for those looking to enter the exciting and essential field of ethical hacking. The importance of cybersecurity today cannot be underestimated, and the role of ethical hackers is crucial in preventing and mitigating potential threats.

Accessing this valuable resource is simple and free. The course content is hosted on the YouTube platform, which means it is accessible to anyone interested.


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