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Mathematical reasoning is a fundamental skill in everyday life, essential for problem-solving through the use of numbers, formulas, and symbols.

From childhood, we develop this proficiency by familiarizing ourselves with mathematical concepts and recognizing patterns. In the educational realm, mathematical reasoning exercises are common in admission exams for academic institutions.

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The ability to examine situations in detail, recognize patterns, and generate effective solutions makes mathematical reasoning a key competence in daily life.

In the effort to strengthen and enhance mathematical reasoning skills, Professor Jorge Tejero Green has developed and launched an online course, “Mathematical Reasoning for Everyone.”

This practical course offers a wide range of exercises distributed across three difficulty levels, tailored to different academic demands. It covers the most relevant topics in mathematical reasoning, providing detailed explanations, theory, and essential concepts at each level.


At Level 1, participants will find the theoretical foundation and introductory exercises to build a solid understanding. Level 2 presents intermediate-level challenges to reinforce knowledge, while Level 3 offers more complex exercises, testing readiness for admission exams.

With over 9 hours of content, the course not only serves as a university preparation tool but also as a comprehensive resource for those looking to enhance their mathematical reasoning skills.

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Furthermore, Professor Jorge Tejero Green, with a strong background in Industrial Engineering and Systems, is committed to addressing questions and doubts from participants.

If you’re interested in the course, you can enroll through the following button:


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