Boost your online job search with Google’s free course


Nowadays, online job searching has become a common and effective practice to access the job market.

With the increasing importance of this search method, having the right skills becomes essential. The internet offers numerous advantages, such as speed, convenience, diversity, and customization, but it is crucial to master the necessary tools and techniques to stand out in this field.

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To support those who wish to improve their online job search skills, Google has announced the launch of a free online course called “Power Searching With Google.”

This course aims to teach advanced skills for searching information online, enabling participants to make the most of the potential of search engines.

Taught by Daniel Russell, a member of Google Search’s engineering team since 2005, this course provides solid knowledge and practical tips based on research on how people use online search tools to find what they need. Russell has developed effective techniques and useful tricks that everyone should know.

The course covers various topics, from how to make an effective query to the use of advanced operators and the evaluation of website credibility.


Participants will learn about the inner workings of how Google creates its index and provides relevant results, as well as the use of image searches, Google Scholar, and Google Books to obtain accurate and reliable information.

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Spanning three weeks, this online course allows participants to progress at their own pace, adapting to their schedules and needs.

If participants wish to obtain a certificate of completion, there is an additional cost, although it is not mandatory to access the course content.

Take advantage of this learning opportunity provided by Google and acquire the necessary skills to excel in the field of online searches.

Access the course now and discover everything you can achieve by mastering online search techniques.


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