Carlos Slim is giving away a Computer Repair Course (Certified)


Whether it’s for entertainment, work, education, or any other activity, computers are essential tools in everyday life. However, like any device, computers can experience issues that require repair or maintenance.

Computer repair is an increasingly sought-after skill, as it ensures that devices function optimally and prevents data loss. Moreover, the ability to diagnose problems, replace faulty components, and recover operating systems is crucial in a digitized world.

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This is why the Carlos Slim Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim, has launched a completely free computer repair course.

This initiative aligns with the foundation’s mission of promoting the holistic development of society in Mexico and Latin America.

The course consists of four levels and covers a wide range of topics related to computer repair and maintenance.


Each level includes lessons presented through interactive materials, such as videos, infographics, and practical activities. At the end of each lesson, students undergo an assessment to measure their progress and understanding of the material.

Skills participants will acquire include precise fault diagnosis, replacement of damaged components, software installation, operating system recovery, and user file configuration.

Furthermore, the course addresses the maintenance of every computer component, including the cooling system.

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One of the standout advantages of this course is that it’s available to the general public, regardless of their previous experience in the field of computer repair. Anyone interested in acquiring these essential skills can easily access the course.

To enroll in the free computer repair course offered by the Carlos Slim Foundation, all you need to do is visit the website through the following button:


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