CISCO Launches Free Course on Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking


In an increasingly digitized world, the protection of computer systems, networks, and data has become crucial.

Cybersecurity, which encompasses measures and practices to defend against malicious attacks, has become a priority in various sectors, from communication to commerce and education.

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The importance of cybersecurity is not limited to just protecting systems and data but also has a significant economic impact.

According to a report by consulting firm IDC, the global cybersecurity services market is projected to reach $200 billion in 2024, with an annual growth rate of 12.5%.

With the aim of training professionals in this rapidly growing field, CISCO Networking Academy has developed an introductory course that covers the fundamentals of cybersecurity and ethical hacking techniques.

The course is targeted towards students and professionals in the field of computer science and cybersecurity and does not require prior knowledge of the subject.


With a duration of 160 hours, it can be completed at your own pace, providing flexibility to fit your schedule and responsibilities.

During the course, participants will explore ethical hacking techniques that will enable them to identify vulnerabilities in systems and networks and enhance their security.

Upon completion of the course, participants will gain vital skills in threat intelligence, network security, and risk management.

To access the course and begin your journey towards a successful cyber career, simply click on the following button:

Prepare yourself to excel in an ever-evolving field and contribute to the protection of systems and data in a digitized world.


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