CISCO offers a free course to learn programming with JavaScript


The presence of JavaScript in modern technology is undeniable.

From animations that leave you breathless to seamless interaction with servers, this language is the canvas upon which digital magic is painted.

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Have you ever wondered how those eye-catching interactive web pages work? JavaScript is the answer, and CISCO has paved a path for you to explore it.

This course serves as a gateway to the world of programming. And the best part is, no prior programming experience is required! Anyone can join this adventure, whether you’re a curious beginner or a tech enthusiast thirsting for knowledge.

The lessons will guide you from fundamental concepts to creating impressive and functional projects.


Through video tutorials and exercises, you’ll effectively immerse yourself in the world of JavaScript.

Concerned about feeling lost or confused? Don’t worry, CISCO has it all planned out. Each lesson includes a frequently asked questions section that will clear your doubts and help you thoroughly grasp every aspect of the language.

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Upon completing this course, you’ll not only gain a solid understanding of JavaScript but also receive a completion certificate that attests to your achievements. But that’s not all. You’ll be one step closer to obtaining the coveted entry-level JavaScript Programmer (JSE) certification from the respected OpenEDG JavaScript Institute.

Imagine the power of adding this certification to your resume and how it could open doors in the job market.

Are you ready to take control of your digital future? Join the course now and unlock a world of opportunities!


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