Develop your mental agility with this free Chess for the Mind course


Chess is an ancient game that has proven to be much more than a simple pastime.

This strategic game has endured through the centuries, establishing itself not only as a form of entertainment but also as a competitive sport.

Currently, its mental benefits are recognized and supported by science, making it a valuable tool for cognitive and emotional development.

Free Chess Course

“Chess for the Mind” is the name of the course I want to tell you about today, and it will undoubtedly be very useful for developing your mental agility.

This course is an educational proposal designed by Brayan Ojeda, an electronic engineering student and chess enthusiast. The goal is not only to teach the basic rules of the game but also to explore strategic and tactical aspects that take chess to a deeper level.


The course covers everything from the most basic to advanced strategies. With a duration of over two hours, it offers instructional videos, explanatory texts, and additional material for a comprehensive understanding of the game.

From learning the basic rules to delving into strategic concepts such as the middle game, opening, and strategy, the course is designed for players of all levels.

Chapters cover aspects such as squares, columns, rows, pieces and pawns, the game, special moves, endgames, the middle game, opening, and competitive strategies.

The course not only focuses on the technique of the game but also highlights the importance of chess in mental and emotional development.

If you’re interested in learning chess and developing your mental agility, you can enroll in the course through the following button:


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