Discover over 200 tricks for the GNU/Linux and Bash shell in this free course


GNU/Linux is an open-source operating system based on the Linux kernel and the GNU project’s tools.

This widely used operating system offers a variety of distributions tailored to different needs and preferences, such as Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and Mint.

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Within this context, the shell is a command-line interface that allows users to interact directly with the operating system through written instructions. This is where Shell Script comes into play, using text files to execute a series of commands sequentially.

If you are a console enthusiast looking to make the most of your skills, this free course is perfect for you.

With over 200 tricks, you will learn how to maximize the GNU/Linux shell and Bash scripts, optimizing your time and achieving maximum performance through efficient work.

Throughout the course, you will immerse yourself in an environment based solely on the console, without using graphical interfaces or the mouse.


You will learn to use keyboard shortcuts, navigate command history, work with files and directories, manipulate strings and text files, and even edit images directly from the command line.

Furthermore, you will discover how to obtain detailed information about the system, both at the software and hardware levels, and how to configure the operating system to optimize your workflow and tailor it to your personal needs.

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This course will provide you with the necessary skills to create executable Bash scripts from any directory, as well as temporary and permanent aliases, so you can use the learned tricks as many times as you need.

Are you ready to take your console skills to the next level and increase your productivity? Don’t miss the opportunity to enroll in this free course right now.

Learn over 200 tricks for the GNU/Linux shell and Bash and become an expert in console management.

Don’t wait any longer and seize this unique opportunity to enhance your knowledge! Enter the course and unlock the full potential of the GNU/Linux and Bash shell.


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