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In the digital era, efficient management of databases has become essential in various fields, from businesses to websites and applications.

A well-organized and optimized database can make a difference in information management and retrieval.

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For those who want to acquire solid skills in this field, there is a free course available that offers the opportunity to explore and master effective database management.

Effective Database Management Course

The free course on effective database management offers a comprehensive immersion into the fascinating world of databases and provides the necessary tools to use them efficiently.

Participants will have the opportunity to delve into the MySQL Database Engine, widely used in the industry.

They will learn to install and configure MySQL in its Community version and discover techniques to optimize database performance.


The SQL language will be the main ally of the students in this course. As they progress, they will acquire a solid command of SQL fundamentals, including the use of essential clauses like WHERE, TOP, ORDER BY, DISTINCT, and GROUP BY.

They will also understand key concepts such as Primary Key and Foreign Key. Additionally, they will delve into the use of aggregate functions like MAX, MIN, AVG, COUNT, HAVING, and explore logical operators like AND, OR, IN, LIKE, NOT, and BETWEEN, allowing for more precise queries and obtaining relevant information.

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Throughout the course, participants will work with queries and subqueries, learn to use variables and table aliases, and discover how to connect tables through clauses like INNER JOIN, LEFT JOIN, RIGHT JOIN, UNION, and UNION ALL.

These skills will enable them to handle complex databases and efficiently perform advanced queries.

Learn to organize, store, and retrieve data optimally and become an expert in databases.

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