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In the digital age, electronic books or eBooks have become a fundamental tool for online learning.

Their growing importance is due to the multiple benefits they offer to users.

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In this regard, the eBook Foundation has developed a repository on GitHub that hosts a wide variety of programming books in Spanish for free.

These eBooks are a valuable source of knowledge for those who want to learn programming or expand their skills in the field of technology.

The eBook Foundation has moved its library of programming books to the GitHub repository, becoming one of the most popular projects on the platform.

With over 271,000 stars, nearly 10,000 followers, and over 54,000 forks, this repository is one of the largest and most accessible online.


The eBook Foundation, as a non-profit organization, is dedicated to promoting the creation, distribution, archiving, and sustainability of free eBooks.

The GitHub repository offers access to over 30,000 eBooks with free licenses and nearly 70,000 titles produced from the Project.

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This provides users with a wide variety of content to explore and acquire knowledge in the field of programming.

The repository stands out for its collaborative approach and its ability for constant updates.

Don’t miss the opportunity to expand your programming knowledge. Access the GitHub repository and download programming books in Spanish for free.

Take advantage of this valuable source of knowledge from anywhere in the world!


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