Do you want to develop Android applications? Here are 3 free courses to start from scratch


Would you like to learn how to create Android applications and join one of the most promising professions in today’s job market?

The development of Android applications has become a highly demanded and lucrative discipline in the digital era.

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Even though the path to Android app development may seem challenging, it is not impassable.

With the right training, you can acquire the necessary skills to excel in this constantly evolving profession. Investing in your education as an Android mobile app developer will enable you to open doors and access a constantly growing job market.

If you are ready to embark on your journey into the world of Android app development, there is a wide range of free courses available online that will provide you with the necessary knowledge.

Here are some standout options:


Introduction to Programming – Polytechnic University of Valencia on edX

This course introduces you to the fundamental concepts of Android app development and teaches you how to design apps for various functions, such as photography, geolocation, and reviews, among others.

Programming with Java for Android Applications – National Autonomous University of Mexico

This course not only gives you a solid foundation in Java programming but also familiarizes you with Android Studio, an essential tool for Android app development.

Mobile Application Development – Complutense University of Madrid

Through this Google program, you will acquire essential skills and fundamental knowledge needed to create mobile applications, not only for the Android platform but also for iOS.

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These free courses will provide you with the necessary foundation to start your journey in this exciting profession. Don’t miss the opportunity to boost your professional career and delve into the thrilling world of Android app development.

Your future as a successful Android app developer begins here!


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