Do you want to earn money by developing apps? Google offers a free course


Mobile applications, commonly known as “apps,” have become an essential part of our lives, enabling us to do everything from playing games to accessing vital information directly from our mobile devices.

With this context in mind, the decision to learn mobile app development is a smart choice for several reasons.

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The income potential in mobile app development is fascinating. During the quarantine in Mexico, the mobile app market saw a 31% increase, with revenues growing significantly by 65%. Additionally, the average monthly salary for a mobile app developer in Mexico is $24,582.

In the United States, users’ global spending in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store exceeded $111 billion in 2020. Projections for 2024 indicate that worldwide customers will spend $115.4 billion in Apple’s store and $55.5 billion in Google Play Store.

These figures demonstrate that mobile app development is a lucrative activity with a promising future, backed by the constant growth in demand for apps worldwide.

Free Course on Mobile App Development with Google

For those interested in seizing this exciting opportunity, Google offers an online course on Mobile App Development in collaboration with the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM).


This course comprises eight modules with a total duration of 40 hours, providing essential knowledge and skills for creating mobile applications. The course is accredited by UCM and designed for beginners, offering a strong introduction to the world of mobile app development.

Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a Digital Badge that can be added to their LinkedIn public profiles to showcase their new skills.

The modules cover a wide range of topics, from mobile phone fundamentals to app design and marketing strategies.

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If you’re interested in taking advantage of this opportunity and embarking on a successful career in mobile app development, we invite you to enroll in the course.

The future of mobile applications is within your reach.


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