Do you want to learn? 5 Free Courses from the University of Chile that you can get now


In the digital era, access to quality education is essential, and the Catholic University of Chile knows this well.

That’s why it has announced the opening of a series of top-notch online courses. These courses, accessible from any corner of the world, provide a unique opportunity for learning and professional growth.

Únete a los canales oficiales de Cursin

Below, we explore the five standout courses that range from project management to teacher training.

Path to Excellence in Project Management

We begin with a highly acclaimed course that delves into the fundamentals of project management, focusing on the Lean philosophy.

This program not only provides a solid theoretical foundation but also guides participants in the practical application of key concepts. Enrollment is free, with the option to obtain a certificate upon completion for an additional cost.

Access the course and more information here.

Learning to Program with Python

For those interested in programming, this course offers a practical introduction from basic concepts to the creation of advanced algorithms.

Designed for beginners, the program culminates in the ability to develop programs in Python and explore new frontiers in programming.

Access the course and more information here.

Successful Business Management for SMEs

Entrepreneurship finds its ally in this course, which strengthens business management skills regardless of the size of the business.

From effective management practices to marketing strategies, participants will acquire crucial tools to create value.


Enrollment is free, democratizing access to quality business knowledge.

Access the course and more information here.

Management of Effective Organizations

Targeted at those interested in leadership and management, this course addresses the challenges that organizations face in changing environments.

From technological changes to political processes, the program provides essential keys for effective problem-solving.

Access the course and more information here.

Practice-Based Teacher Training to Develop 21st Century Skills

We conclude with a course specifically designed for teachers and education professionals. Explore the skills necessary to educate current generations, presenting concrete examples of teaching methodologies.

Enrollment is free, allowing educators to access valuable resources.

Access the course and more information here.

These courses represent an invaluable opportunity to expand knowledge, regardless of location or level of experience.

Take advantage of the opportunity to enroll at no cost and enhance your professional development with the academic excellence of the Catholic University of Chile.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity for high-quality online learning!


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