Don’t miss Microsoft’s free course to learn Node.js!


In the world of web development, Node.js has become a fundamental technology.

If you want to acquire solid knowledge about this JavaScript runtime environment on the server side, Microsoft has the perfect solution for you.

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Microsoft has launched an exciting online course composed of a series of 26 short videos on YouTube, specifically designed for beginners who want to learn Node.js.

This free course provides a unique opportunity to develop practical skills and deep knowledge about Node.js.

The course is structured in a clear and accessible way, covering a wide range of topics from fundamentals to more advanced levels.

The videos offer a practical and entertaining learning experience, guiding students through key concepts and providing real-world examples of their application.


The initial modules of the course focus on providing a solid foundation in Node.js. Students will learn the basics of the runtime environment, including its non-blocking input/output model and efficient event loop.

They will also explore the built-in modules of Node.js and discover how the developer community contributes with open-source packages to extend its functionalities.

Furthermore, the course teaches how to set up the development environment using Visual Studio Code (VS Code) and leverage NPM scripts for automating common tasks in Node.js development.

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The best part of this course is that all the videos are available for free on YouTube. Students can follow the videos in order or choose specific modules according to their needs and interests.

This provides great flexibility to tailor the learning to your own pace and level of experience.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to acquire valuable skills in Node.js. Access the full videos today by clicking this button:


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