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Cybersecurity has become a matter of vital importance in our current society, where information and computer systems are vulnerable to constant attacks, intrusions, and threats.

To address this growing concern, a free cybersecurity course has been developed with the aim of providing participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to protect themselves in the digital environment.

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Cybersecurity encompasses a wide range of measures and strategies aimed at preventing, detecting, and responding to security incidents.

It involves not only technical aspects but also legal, ethical, organizational, and human considerations.

To tackle these challenges, comprehensive and multidisciplinary training involving all relevant stakeholders is essential.

That’s why we present the Free Cybersecurity Course, a unique opportunity to enhance your knowledge in this constantly evolving field.

The course, titled “Cybersecurity and Privacy 202,” is a continuation of the successful “Cybersecurity and Privacy 101” offered by Coldd Security.


During the course, key topics related to cybersecurity will be addressed, with a deep dive into phishing, one of the most common threats in the digital environment.

Through a 1-hour and 17-minute video, instructor Martin Frias, an expert in computer security, will guide you in learning techniques to detect and protect yourself against this type of attack.

Additionally, concepts such as SSL/TLS, authentication factors, and security in public Wi-Fi networks will be analyzed.

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It is important to note that this course is a continuation of “Cybersecurity and Privacy 101,” so completion of the previous course is required.

Cybersecurity is a global challenge that requires a coordinated and collaborative response. This free course provides you with the opportunity to enhance the protection of your information, systems, and computer networks while fostering an online security culture.

Take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen your cybersecurity skills and gain valuable knowledge in the field.


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