Excel for Everyone: Slim Foundation Launches Free Course with Official Certification


In today’s work world, having strong skills in handling technological tools is essential to stand out and access better opportunities.

Among these tools, Excel has become an indispensable reference in various professional fields.

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With the aim of providing people with the opportunity to acquire knowledge in this powerful tool, the Slim Foundation has launched a free online Excel course, with the purpose of improving resumes and increasing employability chances.

Free Excel Course

The Slim Foundation, known for its commitment to education and skill development, offers a completely free online Excel course.

This training program lasts for four weeks, or 16 hours of study, and is designed for participants to progress at their own pace.

Through the academic platform (yes, that’s what the platform is called) of the Slim Foundation, students will have access to a wide range of interactive resources, such as educational materials, quizzes, exams, and discussion forums.


This allows for dynamic and enriching learning, where participants can interact and put their acquired knowledge into practice.

During the course, the main tools and functions of Excel will be covered, from basic concepts to more advanced applications. Participants will learn how to use filters, formulas, and functions, as well as create tables and dynamic charts.

Upon completing the course, participants will receive a certificate that validates their new knowledge and skills.

This certificate can be an invaluable tool to enhance their resumes and demonstrate their acquired abilities to employers.

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The Slim Foundation offers a wide range of educational offerings on its academic platform, which includes over 200 free courses on various topics and areas of specialization.

Don’t miss the opportunity to boost your career. Enroll today and open the doors to a more promising professional future!


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