Free CISCO CCNA Course to Master Computer Networks


In the field of information technology and computer networks, having specialized skills and recognized certifications is crucial to stand out in the competitive job market.

One of the most prestigious and sought-after credentials in this field is the CISCO CCNA certification, offered by the renowned company Cisco, a global leader in the data networking and information technology sector.

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CCNA is an associate-level certification that validates knowledge and practical skills to diagnose, resolve specific network problems, design, install, operate, and maintain complex enterprise networks.

By obtaining this certification, IT professionals gain a competitive edge in the job market, accessing better employment opportunities, and demonstrating a high standard of quality and competence in the communications field.

The free CISCO CCNA course offers an invaluable opportunity for those interested in delving into the world of computer networks.

From the first module to the course’s conclusion, participants will explore and learn about essential topics related to Cisco network technologies, including configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting in local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN).

The course content is designed so that anyone, regardless of their prior knowledge level, can learn from scratch and at their own pace.

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The modules, chapter tests, solved exams, simulators, question banks, and test answers provide a comprehensive and effective learning experience.

With thousands of job listings mentioning this certification, it is evident that CCNA-certified professionals have a competitive advantage to access various positions, from entry-level to higher-responsibility roles, such as IT support specialists, network administrators, and senior network engineers.

If you’re looking to improve your computer network skills and obtain a highly recognized certification in the market, don’t waste any more time and access the free CISCO CCNA course right now.

Don’t miss this opportunity and start your path to success today! You can access the course below:

CCNA 1 v7.0 – CCNA from Scratch

Networks Today – CCNA 1

Basic configuration of Switch and Terminals – CCNA 1

Protocols and Models – CCNA 1

Module 4: Physical Layer – CCNA 1

Numbering System – CCNA 1

Module 6: Data Link Layer – CCNA 1

Ethernet Switching – CCNA 1

Network Layer – CCNA 1

Address Resolution – CCNA 1

Module 10: Basic Router Configuration – CCNA 1

Module 11: IPv4 Addressing – CCNA 1

Module 12: IPv6 Addressing – CCNA 1

Module 13: ICMP – CCNA 1

Module 14: Transport Layer – CCNA 1

Module 15: Application Layer – CCNA 1

Module 16: Fundamentals of Network Security – CCNA 1

Module 17: Build a small network – CCNA 1

CCNA 2 v7.0- CCNA from Zero

Module 1: Basic Device Configuration – CCNA 2


Module 2: Switching Concepts – CCNA 2

Module 3: VLANs – CCNA 2

Module 4: Inter-VLAN Routing – CCNA 2

Module 5: STP Concepts – CCNA 2

Module 6: EtherChannel – CCNA 2

Module 7: DHCPv4 – CCNA 2

Module 8: SLAAC and DHCPv6

Module 9: FHRP Concepts – CCNA 2

Module 10: LAN Security Concepts – CCNA 2

Module 11: Switch Security Configuration – CCNA 2

Module 12: WLAN Concepts – CCNA 2

Module 13: WLAN Configuration – CCNA 2

Module 14: Routing Concepts – CCNA 2

Module 15: IP Static Routing – CCNA 2

Module 16: Troubleshooting Static and Default Routes – CCNA 2

CCNA 3 v7.0 – CCNA from Scratch

Module 1: OSPFv2 Single Area Concepts – CCNA 3

Module 2: Single Area OSPFv2 Configuration – CCNA 3

Module 3: Concepts of Network Security – CCNA 3

Module 4: ACL Concepts – CCNA 3

Module 5: Configuring ACLs for IPv4 – CCNA 3

Module 6: NAT in IPv4 – CCNA 3

Module 7: WAN Concepts – CCNA 3

Module 8: VPN and IPsec Concepts – CCNA 3

Module 9: QoS Concepts – CCNA 3

Module 10: Network Administration – CCNA 3

Module 11: Network Design – CCNA 3

Module 12: Network Troubleshooting – CCNA 3

Module 13: Network Virtualization – CCNA 3

Module 14: Network Automation – CCNA 3


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