Free Courses with Web Development Certification by Google!


Web development is an integral process that encompasses design, programming, and content management to build an effective online presence.

It is crucial for success in the digital world, whether for businesses, organizations, or individuals.

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Google, known as an authority in the technology field, has created an online platform to offer web development learning opportunities.

These courses are designed for beginners and cover everything from the fundamentals to more advanced aspects of web development.

The first course, “Introduction to Web Development: HTML and CSS (1/2),” consists of five modules and has a total duration of 40 hours.

This course will teach you the basics of web development using HTML and CSS to create professional web pages.

You will gain hands-on experience and solid knowledge in website design and structure. Access the course through this link.

The second part of the course, “Introduction to Web Development: HTML and CSS (2/2),” focuses on the CSS language to professionally create complete websites.


It consists of four modules and has a total duration of 40 hours.

Upon completing both courses, you will receive a certification endorsed by the IEI at the University of Alicante.

These courses are taught by computer experts and provide video learning resources and unlimited access.

You can trust the quality and accuracy of the information provided as Google is globally recognized as a reliable and secure source in the field of technology.

The certification you will obtain upon successfully completing these courses will demonstrate your expertise and knowledge in web development.

This is especially important for standing out to potential employers and advancing in your professional career.

Access the courses right away and start building your path to success in web development.


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