Free Excel course launched, specifically tailored for accountants: Here’s how you can get it


Excel, a Microsoft tool, enables the creation, editing, and manipulation of spreadsheets, facilitating the organization of data in rows and columns.

Its user-friendly interface for calculations, analysis, and data presentation makes it an essential resource for professionals working with numerical information.

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Accountants, responsible for managing business economic resources, require precision and efficiency in their tasks. Excel becomes an ally for them by streamlining tasks and improving the quality of results obtained in financial reports, budgets, balances, and other documents crucial for assessing the economic situation of an entity.

Excel Course for Accountants

For all interested individuals, Edutin Academy offers an Excel course specifically designed for accountants, providing training in the use of this fundamental tool for optimizing accounting and financial processes.

With a duration of 40 hours, it focuses on training in the advanced use of Excel. Through this course, participants will learn to use functions, formulas, charts, pivot tables, and macros in Excel, applying them to practical scenarios linked to accounting and finance.


The units of this course are:

  • Unit 1. Fundamentals of Microsoft Excel.
  • Unit 2. Editing tools and formulas in Microsoft Excel.
  • Unit 3. Tables, formats, and cell styles in Microsoft Excel.
  • Unit 4. Macros and VBA in Microsoft Excel.
  • Unit 5. Presentation of accounting and financial reports in Microsoft Excel.

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How to enroll in the course

Enrolling in the course is simple: just create a free account on the Edutin Academy website and search for the Excel course for accountants and financiers.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your Excel skills and boost your professional profile in the financial field.


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