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In today’s world, where education and professional development are essential, online courses with free certification have become a valuable option for many people.

These courses offer the possibility to acquire knowledge and skills in various areas without the need to attend in-person classes.

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Google, one of the most influential companies in the technology field, provides an educational platform called Google Activate, where free courses with certification can be found.

Google Activate focuses on three main pillars: digital skills, entrepreneurship, and professional development.

Through this platform, individuals can improve their skills, expand their knowledge, and increase their job opportunities. The courses are delivered online and designed to adapt to each participant’s pace.

Upon completion of each course, a Google certificate is awarded, accrediting the training completed, which can be a valuable addition to participants’ resumes or professional profiles.

Among the courses offered by Google Activate are:

Digitize Your Business Step-by-Step with Google Tools

This course provides the necessary knowledge to make a business visible online using tools such as Google My Business, YouTube, and Google Forms.

Participants will learn how to reach more customers through the internet.

Protect Your Business: Cybersecurity in Remote Work

This course teaches the necessary steps to implement remote work securely and efficiently.

Topics covered include adapting to remote work, compliance with regulations, and security for both the worker and the company.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

This course provides the basics of digital marketing and its application in the business environment.

Participants will learn how to boost a business using digital strategies through 26 modules created by Google instructors.

Digital Skills for Professionals

This course teaches the basic digital skills necessary to adapt to the current work environment.

Participants will learn about the importance of keeping the operating system updated, problem-solving techniques, information security, and tools for content creation and management.


This course provides the necessary knowledge to transform a traditional business into an online business or to launch a unique idea into the world of the internet.


Participants will learn how to buy and sell products and services online, expanding their reach and reaching new customers.

Personal Productivity

This course, offered by the Santa María La Real Foundation, focuses on improving personal productivity when seeking employment or developing projects.

Participants will learn about time management, personal branding, online reputation, and idea generation, among other relevant aspects.

Digital Transformation for Employment

Offered by the School of Industrial Organization (EOI), this course covers everything related to digital transformation.

Participants will acquire the professional skills necessary to adapt to the new demands of the digital sector and learn about emerging professional profiles.

Mobile App Development Course

Offered by the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), this course focuses on teaching the necessary skills and basic concepts to create mobile applications. Participants will learn the fundamental principles of design and programming for mobile devices.

Cloud Computing

This course, offered by the School of Industrial Organization (EOI), explores the world of Cloud Computing.

Participants will understand the benefits this technology brings to projects and learn how to innovate and reduce costs within companies, as well as acquiring knowledge about information security and secure access to data on any device.

Introduction to Web Development Course: HTML and CSS (Part 1/2)

Provided by the University of Alicante, this course focuses on designing professional web pages.

Participants will learn about the evolution of the web, the HTML5 language, and how to properly create web pages using HTML.

Introduction to Web Development Course: HTML and CSS (Part 2/2)

Continuing from the previous course, this second part provides a deeper knowledge of web page design.

Participants will learn to use CSS to professionally design and develop complete websites.

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The opportunity to access free certification courses through Google Activate represents a great opportunity for those seeking to improve their professional profile or expand their knowledge in specific areas.

These courses provide the flexibility to learn at your own pace and from any device, making them accessible to people with different backgrounds and circumstances.

Furthermore, having a Google certification can be a significant differentiator in today’s job market, where digital skills are increasingly valued.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of these courses to boost your professional career and enhance your job prospects.


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  1. Me parece interesante estos cursos por qué son unas hexelemtes herramientas para el futuro

  2. ASLAM o aliakum I want to teach Mobile application development course. I hear this course is free.

      • Salami Alai kumquat, my name is Azizullah khan and desied to enroll and learn at least three course like E-commerce, Digital Marketing and development of brand with new idea and innovation. Kindly share procedure for enrolment

      • Gentlemen,

        It is the Best way of helping pupils,
        to shape the next better-world.
        As well as spending on the welfare of people.

        Best wishes.

        • Google has done a great job to individual who wants to accrue more knowledge through the platform of Google activate and free certification when you have completed the course.

  3. I am interested in E- Commerce. I am a graduate of Banking & Finance. But presently more interested in training my 4 Children & doing my Business Online.

  4. It’s great news to hear that Google is offering free courses with free certifications. I’m going to start learning this week. But I’ve a question!

    Do they have a content creation course?

  5. Me Sumaira textile n fashion designer,how I learn personal productivity.tell me the crytaria for this course.thanks

  6. Hi Google I’m interested in mobile application development please can you send me registration link it’s only showing free training with certificate but don’t give registration link without registration how can I able to join the training courses
    Thank you google

  7. I have 4.5 years of experience in IT industry where I have worked in azure devops so plz kindly share the details

  8. Hi google, I am interested in your free certification courses. Kindly contact me with details. Thanks

  9. Hi Google Team, I am interested in your free certification courses. Could you please guide me with details. Thanks

  10. Hi !! I want to learn some skill to Start my career. Please help me to choose the correct course from this reputed platform. Want to mention here that I’m not from Mathematical background Please guide me a good course which can help me to start my career. Thanks a lot !!

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  12. I’m interested and willy to learn to improve myself and my society. Please I need details on how to register or apply.

  13. Google has done a great job to individual who wants to accrue more knowledge through the platform of Google activate and free certification when you have completed the course.

  14. I thank Google for providing these opportunities to learn and develop oneself. I am interested in Web development, E -commerce, Digital skill for professional , Mobile App development course and many more. Please, guide me on enrollment.

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