Google Invites You to Its Beginner’s Cybersecurity Course


Cybersecurity is not only a concern for experts and corporations; it is a shared responsibility for every individual engaging in the digital world.

The reliance on technology is undeniable, from everyday tasks to critical business operations.

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As this dependence grows, so do the risks we face, from ransomware attacks threatening the integrity of our files to personal data theft.

This is where Google’s new computer security course comes into play. Designed with a focus on beginners, this free course is a beacon of light in a sea of intimidating codes and acronyms.

Have you ever felt confused by terms like phishing, malware, or VPN? You’re not alone! Google acknowledges that cybersecurity can seem like a maze, and it’s here to be your guide.

This online course is meticulously structured so that anyone, regardless of their level of experience, can learn how to protect their digital assets.


You will learn to identify various online threats and understand how cyber attacks work. No more looking bewildered when you hear about “social engineering” or “ransomware”!

Whether you’re a curious student, a rising professional, or a retiree new to the digital world, this course has something for everyone.

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How can you access this training?

It’s simple. Google has hosted this course on the Coursera platform, where you can sign up for free and explore the modules at your own pace.

While the “audit course” option doesn’t grant a certificate, it allows you to absorb all the necessary information to be a confident guardian of your own digital world.

Don’t let technical terms intimidate you. Don’t let concern for your online security overwhelm you. Google invites you to take control.


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