Google is offering a course to learn Rust: FREE and online


Rust is not just a new language, but a bold approach to programming that tackles traditional problems in a fresh and exciting way.

This language, designed to be safe, concurrent, and efficient, has experienced a steady rise in popularity thanks to its focus on memory safety and its ability to handle concurrency reliably.

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In a world where reliability is key, Rust presents itself as an answer to both current and future programming challenges.

Google’s Course

The tech giant has made a significant announcement with the launch of its online course, Comprehensive Rust.

Specially tailored for beginners, this free course provides a structured approach to understanding and mastering Rust in just four days. While prior experience in Rust is not required, those familiar with C++ and Java will find that the learning process is accelerated due to shared similarities and concepts.

During the first three days of the course, participants will be guided through the essential foundations of Rust.


From the basics of syntax to advanced topics like error handling and generics, this course covers all necessary aspects to confidently start writing code in Rust.

The fourth day is dedicated to using Rust for Android development, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of how Rust effectively integrates with C, C++, and Java to create robust and secure Android applications.

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How to Access the Course

Google has hosted the content on its GitHub page, eliminating the need for registration and simplifying the starting process.

Anyone interested in exploring Rust and acquiring valuable skills in this highly sought-after programming language can begin at any time.

The opportunity is right in front of you; the future of programming awaits. Access Google’s free course and uncover the potential of Rust today.


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