Google launches a Machine Learning course for beginners, completely free of charge!


Machine learning, or automatic learning, has become a fundamental branch of artificial intelligence, allowing computer systems to learn from data and make decisions with minimal human intervention.

This technology has revolutionized various sectors such as medicine, commerce, security, and marketing, among others.

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With its growing demand in the job market, learning machine learning can be key to accessing innovative and challenging professional opportunities.

Intensive Machine Learning Course

Google, the technology giant, has recently launched a free online Machine Learning course designed specifically for beginners interested in delving into this exciting field.

The course, considered the most comprehensive offered by Google to date, is structured into three modules and has a total duration of 15 hours.

Through a combination of video lessons taught by Google researchers, beginner-friendly written material, and interactive visualizations, students will learn the fundamental concepts of Machine Learning.


One of the standout features of the course is the opportunity to put the acquired knowledge into practice through guided programming exercises.

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Students will have the chance to implement models using TensorFlow, an open-source artificial intelligence library developed by Google, enabling them to acquire practical and real skills in the field of Machine Learning.

Immersing yourself in the fascinating world of Machine Learning through this course can open doors to a promising and fulfilling career.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this learning opportunity, you can access the course using the following button:

Don’t miss the chance to acquire valuable skills in the field of Machine Learning and give a boost to your professional career.


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