Google launches free course on job search skills


Currently, the labor market is highly influenced by the digital era. To succeed in job hunting, it is crucial to acquire digital skills.

Companies are increasingly demanding basic skills in handling digital tools, as well as specialized knowledge in areas such as programming, data analysis, and cybersecurity.

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Fortunately, Google offers free online courses that will allow you to develop these skills and increase your job opportunities.

Google can help you get a job.

In response to the current needs of the job market, Google has developed a series of free online courses that will allow you to acquire digital skills and stand out in your job search.

These courses are designed for both beginners and those with previous experience in the subject. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate that supports your acquired knowledge and skills.

One of the standout courses that Google offers is “Use Google to Get a Job.” This course consists of seven modules and has a total duration of six hours.


During the course, you will learn how to effectively use Google’s job search tools, prepare for a successful job interview, write an effective resume, and strategically submit job applications.

Once you have completed the course, you will be ready to apply your knowledge in the real world and apply for the positions that interest you.

Don’t wait any longer! Enroll in the Google course for job searching and start improving your job prospects.

You can access the course through the following button:

Don’t miss this opportunity to acquire valuable digital skills and give a boost to your professional career. Start learning today!


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