Google launches free cybersecurity training for FREE


Cybersecurity is a fundamental pillar in the defense against computer threats that could impact both individuals and organizations.

From malware attacks to intrusions in critical systems, the need for cybersecurity experts is becoming increasingly evident.

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If you’re ready to face the challenges of the digital world and learn how to protect yourself online, Google has incredible news for you.

Offered through the “Grow with Google” initiative, they have launched a course designed to train individuals and businesses in understanding and applying fundamental cybersecurity concepts.

This course is a comprehensive journey through essential cybersecurity concepts. Throughout its duration, participants will explore six distinct security domains, guided by expert instructors from Google’s cybersecurity team.


You will learn to assess and address security scenarios, make informed decisions, and identify potential threats and risks within your organization’s environment.

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The opportunity to learn from Google’s cybersecurity experts is unique. The course provides you with the confidence and knowledge needed to protect your computer systems and data, contributing to digital security overall.

Seize this opportunity to become an expert defender of cybersecurity and effectively safeguard your digital assets.

The digital world needs cybersecurity heroes, and you could be one of them!


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