Google offers a free cybersecurity course for beginners


The influence of Google in the field of cybersecurity is undeniable. The company has not only developed the most widely used search engine in the world but has also conceived cutting-edge technologies to protect users and their data.

From HTTPS encryption to the reCAPTCHA system and their Chrome browser, equipped with automatic updates and security alerts, Google stands as a defender of online security.

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Google stands out not only for its extensive range of web services and products but also for its commitment to combating cyber threats and training new security specialists.

This is why they have developed the Foundations of Cybersecurity course.

Structured into 4 modules, this course is an essential part of Google’s Professional Certificate in cybersecurity. Here, participants have the opportunity to acquire fundamental skills to become cybersecurity analysts, in addition to exploring ethics in the digital security field and learning to identify tools commonly used by cybersecurity professionals.

The content is designed interactively and guided by active Google professionals in the cybersecurity area.


The benefits of this course are evident. Not only do participants acquire fundamental skills for a career in cybersecurity, but also an understanding of how security attacks impact business operations is fostered.

The enrollment process is accessible to everyone. Interested individuals simply need to register on the Coursera platform, locate the course, and select “Enroll for Free” to access the content.

Additionally, one must choose the option of “Audit the Course” or “Full Course, No Certificate,” which provides free access to the course.

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This unique opportunity gives participants the chance to delve into the realm of digital security, learn from experts in the field, and strengthen their skills to contribute to a safer online environment.

Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility, and this course equips participants with the necessary tools to confront the challenges of the digital world with knowledge and confidence.

Accessing the course is taking a step forward toward building a safer online future.


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