Google Offers Free Web Development Certification: Requirements and How to Obtain It


Web development refers to the skill of creating and maintaining websites and applications on the Internet. Due to the significance of these areas, it has become a highly valued skill.

It involves the use of various programming languages and technologies for the creation and management of websites and online applications. It is divided into two fundamental components: frontend and backend.

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The frontend encompasses what users see and directly interact with on their screens, while the backend handles the processing and storage of information, in constant communication with servers.

Recognizing its importance, Google is offering an opportunity to delve into this field and obtain a certification that opens doors to better job prospects.

Google’s Web Development Course with Certification

Google is offering a web development course with certification that provides you with the opportunity to create your own professional websites, adaptable to various devices.

This course covers the fundamental principles of programming, as well as the study of different programming languages used in the real world.


Furthermore, it will teach you how to develop creative and effective strategies to solve problems and initiate projects.

This course is suitable for anyone interested in learning to create professional websites. It is particularly beneficial for students and professionals in the fields of programming and graphic design.

No prior experience in the subject is required, but you will need a device with an internet connection to access the online content.

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Google’s course consists of 5 modules, each with various lessons and an estimated total learning time of around 40 hours.

If you wish to access this Google-certified web development course, simply follow the link at the end of this post.

Enrollment and participation are entirely free.


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