Google offers full scholarships for Career Certificates in technology


Technology scholarships have proven to be a powerful means of supporting young people who wish to specialize in areas related to science, innovation, and computer science.

These scholarships, which may include various forms of support such as living expenses, transportation, and educational materials, are key to ensuring access to quality education that meets the current demands of the job market and contributes to sustainable development.

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Furthermore, these initiatives promote equity and inclusion by providing opportunities to students from vulnerable or marginalized backgrounds.

Google has decided to take a step forward and contribute to the training of highly skilled technology professionals.

The company has partnered with INROADS Mexico to offer full scholarships for Google Career Certificates online.

These Google certificates represent a valuable opportunity for those who wish to acquire skills in highly sought-after fields with significant growth potential.

The online training programs are designed to address various areas of technology, including IT support, data analysis, User Experience (UX) design, and project management.


One of the most notable advantages of these scholarships is that they include free access to the Coursera platform.

This facilitates the completion of the courses and provides students with the necessary flexibility to adapt to their schedules and personal responsibilities.

How do you apply for a scholarship?

To be eligible for these scholarships, it is necessary to meet certain basic requirements, such as completing high school, having access to a computer and the Internet, having the time to dedicate to studies, and, above all, being committed to completing the courses.

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These technology certification programs have a duration of 6 months, and it is estimated that they require approximately 10 hours of dedication per week.

Google certifications provide students with a significant advantage in the job market, as they enable access to highly demanded jobs in the IT sector and improve their professional trajectory.

If you are a Mexican student with a passion for technology and the desire to enhance your skills in this field, do not miss this unique opportunity!

Start your registration by following the link and get ready to take a significant leap in your career.


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