Google teaches you how to land your next job


In an increasingly competitive job market, training for job searching stands out as a fundamental pillar to distinguish oneself among candidates.

The acquisition of relevant skills not only increases the chances of securing employment but also strengthens the confidence of applicants during the selection process.

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In this context, Google has launched the “Get Your Next Job” course on its Skillshop platform, with the aim of providing participants with the necessary tools to achieve their ideal job.

The course, designed by Google, aims to help participants land their dream job.

With a duration of 1 hour and designed for beginners, this training program addresses crucial aspects of job searching, from creating an impactful resume to preparing for successful job interviews, culminating in securing the desired position.


The course content covers various areas, providing students with the necessary tools to stand out at each stage of the job search process.

From crafting an effective resume to tips for success in interviews, the course offers a comprehensive overview to maximize the chances of success in obtaining the desired job.

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With the availability of courses like the one presented by Google, aspirants can make the most of the tools and knowledge needed to stand out in an increasingly challenging job market.

If you want to access the course, use the following button:


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