Here are 50 FREE courses, books, and tools to learn cybersecurity


Cybersecurity, an essential component of the current digital era, refers to a set of measures, techniques, and tools used to protect computer systems and data from potential attacks and vulnerabilities.

From prevention to recovery, cybersecurity encompasses a wide range of strategies aimed at ensuring the integrity of online information.

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The website celerium has launched an initiative dedicated to providing free educational resources in cybersecurity, which have become a valuable source of knowledge for individuals and organizations seeking to strengthen their online defense capabilities.

Within this collection of resources, there are cybersecurity courses offered by renowned universities.

In addition to the courses, celerium has gathered a series of specialized e-books in computer security. These written resources allow users to delve into specific topics and gain a detailed understanding of best practices in cybersecurity.


These audiovisual materials offer accessible information on how to protect against common cyberattacks and how to adopt effective preventive measures. Ideal for those who prefer visual learning, these videos are a valuable addition to the set of resources.

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On the other hand, celerium has included a series of free software tools that are vital in the detection and removal of malware.

These tools help users keep their systems protected and free from threats that could compromise online security.

Any individual or entity seeking to strengthen their digital defenses and navigate the web with confidence should consider taking advantage of this valuable and ever-expanding source of knowledge.


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