How to access Google free certified courses?


The constant adaptation and updating of skills are essential to enhance competitiveness in the job market and stay up-to-date in a highly demanding environment.

According to a study by Harvard Business Review, 62% of talent acquisition specialists believe that training and skill updates are crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage at both the individual and corporate levels.

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Furthermore, in Latin America, the demand for professionals with technology skills exceeds the available supply, presenting a significant opportunity for those who pursue training in this field.

Google Activate is a valuable tool for acquiring new skills and knowledge in technology.

This platform offers over 50 free courses with certification included, making it an essential resource for those looking to strengthen their professional and personal profiles.


The Google Activate platform provides a wide range of free courses spanning three key areas:

  1. Digital Marketing:
    • Digital marketing fundamentals
    • Digital tools for everyday tasks
    • Start your online business
    • Google Ads measurement
    • Google Analytics for beginners
    • Advanced Google Analytics
    • Introduction to Google Analytics 360
    • E-commerce
    • Digital transformation for employment
  2. Professional Development:
    • Business communication
    • Public speaking
    • Start writing your resume
    • Edit your resume
    • Personal productivity
  3. Programming and Data:
    • Familiarize yourself with basic programming principles
    • Elements of artificial intelligence (AI)
    • Planning and budgeting
    • Business transformation
    • Mobile app development
    • Introduction to web development: HTML, CSS 1 and 2

It’s important to note that for intermediate and advanced courses, having prior knowledge of the subject is recommended, as they may include assessments that require a specific level of expertise.

How to access Google courses?

Accessing Google courses is a straightforward and accessible process for anyone interested in improving their technological skills. Here are the key steps:

  1. Sign in to the platform using this link.
  2. Explore the available courses.
  3. Enroll in and complete one of the courses.

Upon successful completion of the course, you’ll have the option to request a certificate that validates your new knowledge and skills.


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