How to access Microsoft’s free Python course for beginners?


Programming, that universal language which brings technology to life around us, is a constantly growing field offering limitless opportunities.

Among the multitude of languages vying for the digital stage, Python stands as a true titan.

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From creating websites to data analysis and machine learning, Python has become the favorite of developers and experts worldwide. Do you want to embark on this exciting journey? We have fantastic news for you!

If you’ve ever felt the spark of curiosity about learning to code, now is the perfect time to take the first step! Microsoft invites you to their free Python course for beginners.

This course isn’t just an opportunity to learn a highly in-demand programming language, but also a gateway into the world of programming.

Worried about the complexity of programming? Don’t fret, Microsoft has designed this course with you in mind.


The instructional videos range from 3 to 11 minutes, allowing you to learn without feeling overwhelmed.

From the basics to essential tools like Visual Studio Code, each lesson will provide you with a solid understanding and help you build a strong foundation in Python programming.

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Designed for beginners, this course means you don’t need prior programming experience to dive into this exciting journey.

Moreover, if English isn’t your primary language, don’t worry. The videos come with Spanish subtitles, ensuring you won’t miss a single detail.

Whether you’re looking to switch careers or simply expand your skills, this free course is the first step toward an exciting future in programming.


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