How to access the free online courses from Tecnológico de Monterrey?


The Tecnológico de Monterrey, whose influence extends far and wide across Mexico with its main campus in Monterrey, Nuevo León, has built a strong reputation as a cradle for entrepreneurial and competitive leaders on a global level.

Its mission to shape individuals with a visionary spirit, cutting-edge competencies, and ethical values goes beyond its physical classrooms to venture into the digital world with a top-notch virtual educational offering.

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In this context, Tecnológico de Monterrey, in collaboration with Coursera, invites you to dive into its catalog of online courses spanning various disciplines and essential 21st-century competencies.

From the comfort of your home or any corner of the world, you can access specialized courses that tailor to your interests and goals.

Are you fascinated by the potential of artificial intelligence but also concerned about its ethical impact? The course “Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence” provides you with a deep and balanced insight into this exciting field, exploring its ethical and social challenges.


If you’re passionate about project management and wish to acquire skills for successfully leading a project from conception to completion, the course “Introduction to Project Management” will equip you with essential tools to achieve that.

Leadership is a skill always in demand, and the course “Leadership Oriented towards Human Flourishing” will help you develop the necessary competencies to excel as a leader in a constantly evolving world.

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These courses, carefully designed by experts in their fields and backed by the academic excellence of Tecnológico de Monterrey, offer you the opportunity to expand your horizons and cultivate skills that will set you apart in your career and everyday life.

Education is an investment in yourself, and with the wide array of online courses offered by Tecnológico de Monterrey, that investment has never been more accessible and exciting.

Seize this unique opportunity to grow, learn, and thrive in an ever-changing world. Don’t wait any longer, a world of possibilities awaits you!


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