How to Learn Machine Learning for FREE and Online? Here We Tell You


Machine Learning, also known as automated learning, has established itself as an essential discipline in the current era of technology and information.

This branch of artificial intelligence has transformed the way machines can learn and enhance their performance from data, without the need for explicit instructions.

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Its relevance spans from data analysis to robotics, and its expertise is increasingly in demand in the job market.

Free Course on Introduction to Machine Learning:

Designed for programmers with aspirations to expand their skills, this course has been structured comprehensively and in detail.

Participants in this course will be guided through key concepts of automated learning, starting with building models from the basics and advancing to the practical application of this knowledge in solving real-world problems.


With an approximate total duration of 24 hours, the course is designed to be completed over a period of 12 weeks, with an average commitment of 8 hours per week.

It’s worth noting that the structure and content of the course are based on lessons taught at the distinguished University of San Francisco, as an integral part of the Master of Science program in Data Science.

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It’s important to mention that, to make the most of this course, interested individuals are recommended to have at least one year of programming experience and a basic understanding of mathematical concepts taught in high school.

If you aspire to acquire a skill that will open doors in a constantly evolving job market, don’t miss the opportunity to join this course and embark on your journey towards mastering Machine Learning.


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