Huawei Launches Free Technology Courses with Certification


New technologies provide us with the possibility of accessing information instantly, communicating globally, solving problems more efficiently, and collaboratively creating knowledge.

Training in new technologies has become a fundamental pillar for personal and professional development, allowing us to improve our skills, adapt to changes, and create value in our environment.

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It is crucial to understand that continuous updating in technology not only prepares us for present challenges but also opens doors to a promising future.

Aware of this reality, Huawei, the renowned Chinese company in information and communication technology (ICT), has taken a significant step towards promoting talent in this field.

The company has created its own university, the ICT Academy, with the aim of providing free technology training courses that include certification.

This online platform becomes a unique opportunity for those interested in acquiring new skills and knowledge in the technological field.

The courses offered by Huawei cover a wide variety of topics, from basic statistics to information and communication technology. These areas are fundamental in the digital age we live in and demand highly skilled professionals.

Furthermore, upon successful completion of some of these courses, participants will receive certifications that validate their achievements and acquired competencies.


These certifications can be highly valued in the competitive job market as they reflect the commitment and dedication of the student in the learning process.

Huawei’s commitment to talent development in the ICT field goes beyond providing courses and certifications.

The company has established a strong collaboration between universities and businesses, creating a comprehensive system that covers everything from the learning process to job placement.

Huawei University is an essential tool for universities as it contributes to the training of professionals who meet the needs and requirements of the business world, thereby improving their employment prospects and professional growth.

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Huawei’s initiative to offer free technology courses, backed by its renowned expertise in the field of ICT, presents a valuable opportunity for those who wish to boost their personal and professional development.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, we invite you to access Huawei’s course platform.

Don’t miss the chance to train with one of the world’s leading technology companies. The future is in your hands!


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