Huawei Launches Free Cloud Training and Certification Courses


The cloud, with its ability to provide remote access to computing resources, has transformed the way technological operations are carried out.

Among its benefits, the ability to develop innovative applications, process and store large volumes of data, optimize collaboration and increase productivity, and access advanced services like data analysis and artificial intelligence stand out.

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Huawei has established its presence in the telecommunications and information technology industry. It has developed technological solutions that span from infrastructure to cutting-edge software.

This has solidified its position as a reference in the industry, with a focus on security, reliability, and quality.

With the aim of empowering professionals and technology enthusiasts in using and harnessing the power of the cloud, Huawei has launched a platform for certification and training courses.

These courses, available online for free, cover a wide range of essential topics to understand the cloud and its applications.


From fundamental aspects of architecture and development to cloud operations and security, the courses are designed to accommodate different levels of experience.

The benefits of these courses go beyond acquiring knowledge: participants who successfully complete the courses will receive industry-recognized certifications.

These certifications not only validate the acquired technical skills but can also boost the participants’ career paths by adding a mark of quality to their profiles.

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These courses represent an exceptional opportunity for those seeking to understand and make the most of the cloud’s potential.

Whether it’s to enhance their professional skills, delve into the world of technology, or explore new opportunities, Huawei’s courses will enrich participants’ knowledge and prepare them for an exciting and full-of-possibilities technological future.


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