IBM Launches a Free Five-Week Course on Data Analysis with Excel


Currently, data analysis has become an essential skill in various professional fields.

And a fundamental tool for carrying out this analysis is Excel, the spreadsheet program developed by Microsoft.

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In order to assist those who wish to improve their data analysis skills and learn to use Excel more effectively, IBM has launched an exciting online course called “Analyzing Data with Excel,” which is free of charge.

Through this course, participants will acquire the fundamental knowledge to make the most of Excel’s functions and perform basic data analysis.

During the course, participants will learn practical skills for data cleaning and management, as well as the use of tools such as sorting, filtering, and pivot tables to analyze information efficiently.


Upon completing the “Analyzing Data with Excel” course, participants will have worked with real datasets and spreadsheets, demonstrating their skills in data cleaning and analysis.

With this course, participants will not only acquire valuable knowledge but also gain a competitive advantage in a job market where data analysis is increasingly relevant.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your data analysis skills and improve your Excel proficiency.

Sign up today for IBM’s “Analyzing Data with Excel” course and embark on your journey to success in data analysis.

You won’t regret this great learning opportunity!


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