IBM launches free certification course in Data Science


Data science is an interdisciplinary field that has become one of the most in-demand disciplines in all industries.

By utilizing advanced methods and algorithms, data science enables valuable insights to be extracted from structured and unstructured data.

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This provides the opportunity to discover actionable insights that can drive decision-making and strategic planning in any organization.

Recognizing the importance and rapid growth of this field, IBM has launched a new free course in data science.

This course is specifically designed for those who want to learn Python programming for data analysis, whether they are beginners with no prior programming experience or individuals with basic knowledge looking to expand their skills.

The course, which consists of multiple modules, offers a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of Python, data structures, basic programming concepts, and working with data in Python.


Additionally, the use of NumPy arrays and simple APIs will be explored, providing students with the necessary tools to perform basic data analysis.

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Upon completing the course and passing the exams, students will have the opportunity to request an IBM certificate.

This certificate is a recognized testament to the acquired skills and knowledge, which can make a difference in the highly competitive job market.

Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire valuable skills in one of the most relevant disciplines today.

To access the course, simply follow this button:

Learn how to use Python for data analysis and become a highly skilled professional in data science with IBM’s new free course. Don’t wait any longer and start your journey towards success today!


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  1. I’m new to Data science,I don’t have any background in sciences,I want to take advantage of the free Data course on Data science by IBM

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