Intel empowers you for free in Artificial Intelligence with its new online course


Artificial Intelligence, a branch of computer science that aims to equip machines with the ability to perform tasks that previously required human intelligence, has revolutionized various sectors, from medicine to the manufacturing industry.

With the goal of bringing these skills to the general public, Intel has introduced a completely free online course that focuses on equipping participants with tangible skills to tackle practical challenges using Artificial Intelligence.

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This course stands out for its practical approach, enabling students to understand the workflow of data science and utilize Intel’s optimized portfolio of processors and software for problem-solving.

The course content is comprehensive, ranging from initial data set preparation to the practical application of solutions. Through a series of lectures and interactive Jupyter notebooks, students will be guided step by step through the problem-solving process.

Key topics include a detailed presentation of Intel’s artificial intelligence portfolio, with an emphasis on solution implementation through deep learning.


Participants will also gain skills in fundamental data preprocessing and augmentation techniques, as well as criteria for selecting appropriate frameworks and networks.

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With an estimated duration of 5 hours, the course is designed for those with basic knowledge of AI, machine learning, and deep learning.

Furthermore, a understanding of programming in Python and some familiarity with frameworks like TensorFlow is required. However, Intel also provides optional introductory courses for those seeking to solidify these concepts beforehand.

Seize this opportunity to become a proficient professional in the application of Artificial Intelligence and make a difference in the current job market.


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