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The development of cloud applications has revolutionized the way software and services are created and delivered.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is globally recognized as a leader in cloud computing services.

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Now, Amazon is launching a free course that teaches you how to build modern applications using AWS.

The course, “Building Modern Java Applications on AWS,” focuses on creating a scalable and efficient serverless backend on AWS using tools like Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and Amazon Cognito for server authentication.


Throughout the six-week duration of the course, you will learn everything from the basics of serverless architecture to advanced techniques for optimizing your applications across all layers using AWS functions.

The course will provide you with the necessary knowledge to develop modern and scalable cloud applications using market-leading tools and services.

Don’t waste time, enroll now and take your development skills to the next level!

Start your journey towards success in cloud application development with AWS today.


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