LaTeX Accessible to All: Free Course for Scientists and Students


In the realm of academic writing, flawless document presentation is crucial. In this context, LaTeX, a typesetting system, stands out as the preferred tool for achieving high typographic standards.

Developed by Leslie Lamport in 1984 as an extension of TeX, LaTeX simplifies the creation of academic papers, allowing authors to focus on content while the system takes care of visual presentation.

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In response to the growing relevance of LaTeX, Coursera is offering a free course aimed at those looking to master this tool for scientific paper creation.

Guided by María Ignacia España, the course is structured around the following key aspects:


  1. Getting to Know LaTeX and Creating an Overleaf Account: Begin your journey by delving into the fundamentals of LaTeX and establishing your account on Overleaf, a collaborative platform for LaTeX document editing.
  2. Understanding the Packages We’ll Use: Explore essential packages that enhance the creation of scientific documents.
  3. Customizing Your Scientific Paper: Acquire skills to adjust document code according to your preferences and needs.
  4. Working with Sections, Images, and Tables: Master the structure of articles, as well as the insertion of graphics and tables.
  5. Customizing Your Scientific Paper with 2 Columns: Enhance the visual presentation of your document using two columns.
  6. Creating Your Bibliography: Learn to manage bibliographic references efficiently.

This approximately 2-hour course is designed for researchers, professors, postgraduate students, and professionals in various disciplines, without requiring prior knowledge of LaTeX.

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Access is through a web browser with an internet connection, without the need to download additional software.

Mastering LaTeX is not just a valuable skill but essential for those aiming to create high-caliber scientific documents.


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