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The growing importance of AI in various sectors, such as medicine, finance, and education, has generated an increasing demand for professionals skilled in this discipline.

AI’s ability to analyze data, solve complex problems, and enhance decision-making has led to the quest for experts in this field, marking a milestone in the contemporary job market.

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In response to this growing demand and with the aim of fostering learning and skill acquisition, the Carlos Slim Foundation has launched the course “Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence.”

This course, available for free to the general public, is primarily designed to provide participants with a deep understanding of AI.

The course covers fundamental AI topics, from basic concepts such as machine learning and deep learning to advanced problem-solving techniques.


Divided into four levels and composed of lessons using infographics, videos, and practical activities, it seeks to make artificial intelligence accessible to everyone.

“Capacítate para el Empleo,” the educational platform of the Carlos Slim Foundation, stands out for offering courses and diplomas at no cost.

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This internet-accessible platform does not require prior experience and culminates in the issuance of certificates validating the acquired learning.

If you are interested in acquiring skills in the field of artificial intelligence, this course is a unique opportunity to explore this innovative world.

The Carlos Slim Foundation continues its commitment to the democratization of knowledge, providing essential tools to thrive in a constantly changing technological world.


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